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Affordable Catering + Party Rentals Designed by the Churro Man


Are you planning a party at your home, complete with delicious food and beverages? Do you want to serve lip-smacking churros and other Mexican dishes for your child’s birthday party? Call The Churro Man – the best party catering service in Los Angeles.


Who We Are

The Churro Man is Los Angeles’ foremost party and catering service. For over 30 years, we have catered to a wide clientele including extending our services to individuals, communities, offices and large organizations in Los Angeles, CA.

Though a leading catering service known for its top-notch professional care, we are still largely recognized and appreciated for our primary offering of Mexican churros, a traditional Mexican pastry served during breakfast and tea.

We opened our doors to the people of Los Angeles with the idea of bringing the most delicious churros to their homes and offices. Our gourmet churros are made distinctly crunchy with unique flavor.

But what really sets us apart as leaders in the food industry is our commitment to quality. Be it our most famous product, the crispy yet soft churros or our array of delicious Mexican meals, we ensure that every ingredient used in our food is freshly sourced from the market and 100% vegan. We also do not use any kind of additives, trans-fat or harmful artificial flavors in our food. Which is why when it comes to choosing high-quality catering services, clients depend on our expert packages.


Churro Man’s Party Rentals in Los Angeles

No matter what kind of an occasion you have in mind, at The Churro Man, we can help you design the best event in town! Our party rentals in Los Angeles are affordable and designed perfectly to fit the occasion.

We provide the most professional party services for weddings, children’s birthday parties, corporate dos and funerals too. Every event is planned keeping in mind the purpose, the environment and the profile of guests. So, if you are looking for cheap party rentals in Los Angeles or a professional catering service to take charge of a funeral, our experienced staff from The Churro Man will help you design the event impeccably.

Our gamut of party and event catering services are offered for:


How Does our Service Work?

Given our wide industry experience, we, at The Churro Man, are equipped to provide clients with the utmost professional service. Whether you want a wedding party rental or one that is designed for top company officials and guests, our experienced staff will call you days in advance and help you plan a flawless event. To ensure that everything goes according to plan, we take care not to miss out on even the smallest details that often create bigger hurdles during events.

The Churro Man will provide you with a formal contract and collect a 50% deposit before starting work on your party.